Budget Friendly Home Projects


Ever since I moved last year, I have been going Pinterest crazy with all of the fun ideas they have to decorate… Because they have so many ideas and it wouldn’t be very budget smart to do all of them, I have to pick and choose the most efficient ways to do up my house! I will add other rooms later, but here are two ideas for the outside that I absolutely loved!

Cinder block Couch

12 Cinder blocks ($1.09/block at Home Depot) http://goo.gl/7Dn4Up
4 Wooden Beams ($6.57/beam at Home Depot) http://goo.gl/QxuaLq
Spray Paint for Cinder Blocks ($12.01 on Amazon) http://goo.gl/ohIa2s
Decorative Pillows/ Cushions ($5-$20)I like to shop the sales at Walmart and Big lots for great deals- you can even get lucky going to the Salvation Army!)

Total Cost- $56.37-$76.37 depending on cost of cushions and pillows

Lit Up Pathway

Pebbles (as many as needed for you pathway… $1/pack at dollar store)
Glow in the dark spray paint ($9.99 at Joann Fabrics and there are always 25% off coupons out there) http://goo.gl/ioWXBW

Total Cost- $10- $15 average after coupons and dependent on amount of pebbles


Since cinder blocks are so cheap, you could also realistically just buy a bunch and set up a sectional with them however you choose… Add a few cushions and pillows and you could have a sectional for $50!


Hope these tips helped!



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