I lost 12 pounds in 10 days

I’m a short girl. 5’2” is a generous number for me. I don’t by any means feel like I am obese or unhealthy, but I did see an upward trend in the scale that left me feeling a little down on myself. With an office job and a toddler, I felt like I wasn’t sure I could drop any weight because we were always so busy. I decided to stop making excuses and I set out to lose a modest 15 pounds. I had to make a few minor changes THAT COULD BE SEAMLESSLY INCORPORATED IN MY LIFE in order to accomplish this. That is capitalized because it is incredibly important. I am so excited to say that I finally hit my pre-baby weight and lost 15 pounds. The first 12 I lost happened in only 10 days! These changes have changed my habits for good and have made it easy to maintain my “happy weight” where I finally feel comfortable in my clothes and bathing suits again.

Modified Intermittent Fasting: I love to eat. I wasn’t sure I could give up my love of food and variety of preferences. My eating habits were often compared to that of a teenage boy and while it made me proud, I had to manage it somehow. I started naturally limiting my calorie intake by doing the 16:8 fast. For those not familiar, it means you fast for 16 hours (only drinking water, black coffee or black tea) and then eating for the remaining 8. After the first 12 hours of fasting, your body starts to burn off fat quickly, and you naturally reduce the amount of calories you take in, so you see quick results! The word fasting is intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are sleeping from 10PM-6PM, that is already 8 hours you have knocked out. What I did was I made sure dinner was done by 7PM and I didn’t snack after that. I wouldn’t eat again until 11AM the next day for lunch. It became easier and easier to do and now it is second nature. This has probably given me the fastest results for my weight loss journey.

Workout that works for me: I mentioned earlier that I have my office job and a toddler. While I probably could find time to do a workout, I really didn’t want to dedicate a portion of my day to exercise. I feel like I already miss enough time with my kids working and by the time I get home from work, the last thing I want to do is be away again. I needed a way to incorporate burning calories into my day! I did some research and found the perfect solution! I bought a pedal that goes under your desk discreetly and allows you to pedal throughout your work day! Now there are some really robust ones that track your calorie burn and “steps” and there are some really basic ones (I bought mine at Walmart for $20) and it has served me fine! Just like that, I started burning an extra 400-600 calories a day! I would sometimes get so lost in a work project at my desk, that I would pedal for 2 hours and not even realize it. This was definitely a game changer.

Changed up My Available Foods: One quarantine hit, it became a little trickier to maintain my food management because I had all this great food at my fingertips. So I took every item that tempted me, and I found a lower calorie alternative. Chocolate craving? I got SkinnyDipped dark chocolate covered almonds. Salty craving? Low calorie kettle corn. Just feeling hungry? Fruits. One by one I started replacing things in my pantry so I wouldn’t even have the temptation to reach for the Oreos. This was by far the hardest change I had to make, but it became much easier to say no to things when they weren’t readily available to me. I never was hungry for any of these items, they just sounded good at the time!

So that’s how I did it! I saw immediate results and wouldn’t have changed anything I did. These changes also allowed me to be flexible enough to where I didn’t get bored of this. I’m doing it now as a maintenance thing and I truly feel like I have changed my habits for the better. I am not tempted to go back to my old lifestyle(although I do enjoy a good greasy slice of pizza from time to time).

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