Low Calorie Dalogna (Whipped) Coffee


We have all seen the amazing whipped coffee trend… now try it “LOW CALORIE”. It tasted like a milkshake, people. And with only 40 calories, it was a guilt free caffeine choice for me (and filling).

What you need:
1. Instant Coffee
2. Splenda (or other zero calorie sweetener)
3. Hot Water
4. Unsweetened chocolate almond milk (You can use any kind of milk, but this was my low calorie option! Unsweetened vanilla almond milk is amazing too!)
5. Whisk or Hand mixer (much easier with a hand mixer)

Step one: Prepare your cup. I poured the milk and ice into a pretty cup and was ready to make an aesthetically pleasing whipped topping.
Step two: Measure equal parts splenda, instant coffee and water into a cup or mixing bowl.
Step three: Manually whisk for a VERY long time or use a hand mixer for about a minute
Step four: Top off your drink and enjoy!!!!

See pics below and tell me what you think! This chocolate milkshake like drink is HEAVEN!

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